Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Muslims protest Bush-Hitler Comparisons"

The People's Cube reports:
Angry Muslims Protest Bush-Hitler Comparisons

Muslim protests erupted worldwide this week after a high school teacher in Colorado compared Bush to Hitler. "It is a crime in Sharia law to insult Hitler (PBUH)!" stated Abdul Ali Aziz in a Muslim street interview. (...)

"The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the founder of our modern Palestinian movement, was best friends with the Prophet Adolf (PBUH). They used to dine, eat crumpets, and drink tea together at the Berghoff. The Grand Mufti had a radio show for Hitler (PBUH) [actually, it was the other way round, SoE] and raised a legion of Waffen SS for him and now this latest insult! Allah is my witness, those Danish cartoons now look funny in comparison!" (...)

Aggravating the affront was the latest comment made by a Colorado teacher Jay Bennish in class, replayed many times over by right-wing talk show radio hosts. CNN and some other networks have chosen not to repeat teacher Bennish's words out of respect for Hitler and Islam.
Warning for Stern readers and editors: Pst, it's a hoax! (Hattip: FDR)


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