Friday, February 10, 2006

Pst! It's a Photoshop!

Look who is reading blogs (but just not thorougly enough)! In the closing paragraph of its current edition's top story, German magazine Stern, Europe's leading weekly magazine (circulation: around 1 Million copies, around 7.8 Million readers) which got its 15 minutes of global fame when it published Hitler's fake diaries in 1983, writes (see scan on the left for original text):

The 'Ministers of Information' of [Arab] states agreed on starting a media campaign - 'in order to improve the bad image of Islam.' A probably unplannedly original text proposal was made by demonstrators at a rally in London with this banner: 'Behead every one who claims Islam is not a peaceful religion!'"

The only thing "unplannedly original" about that paragraph is, that in it, Stern reveals the sorry state of its fact checking abilities. The magazine has obviously fallen for a nice little photoshop, that was (first?) published at lgf:

Here's the original picture:

But still: Kudos to Stern. In the very same article they feature this picture ("Prepare for the real Holocaust") as a full page photo. I haven't seen pictures of the disgusting London rally in any other German publication so far.


Anonymous jamal said...

lol. thats what happens when people are too eager to find negative media.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i really dont know why they changed it ... the poster is violent enough ...

well, the stern isnt my favorite weekly magazine ... so what the hell ...

10:43 PM  

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