Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Operation "Pay a Visit"

Gotta love the IDF - if only for their witty nomenclature of Operations. From the Jerusalem Post:
IDF tells Ze'evi's killers they must 'come out or die'

IDF Nahal Brigade troops, in addition to the police's special anti-terror unit (Yamam) have entered the Jericho jail where the killers of former tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi are being held, the army confirmed on Tuesday morning.

During operation "Pay a Visit" the troops broke into the facility amidst reports of explosions and heavy gunfire.

Out of some 200 prisoners, 44 have already surrendered to IDF troops.

However, the main target of the operation, Ahmed Sa'adat, the secretary general of the Popular Front of the Liberation of Palestine believed to have masterminded the assassination, and five others involved in the killing, have yet to surrender.

IDF tanks, which fired rounds into the prison, combat helicopters flying overhead, and artillery, which fired shells at the prison from afar, where all part of the force laying seige to the prison. A D-9 heavy bulldozer began tearing down the walls of the prison in order to flush the six suspects out.

The army is in touch with PA security forces inside the prison in attempts to persuade the wanted men to come out willingly.

"We want to take them out alive, but if they threaten us we won't hesitate to kill them," a high ranking officer told reporters on the outskirts of Jericho.

"We won't agree to any change in Sa'adat's prison status," said the officer.

He stressed that there was no deadline to the army's operation - "If needed we'll be here until the night. We don't plan on negotiating - either they come out or they die."
Operation "Pay a Visit" - what an instant classic! And by the way: According to Middle East expert Norman Finkelstein, Palestinians never execute Israeli leaders.


Blogger Marco_Polo said...

Absolutely brilliant.

This is the right way to deal with these adversaries of Yisroel. No concessions and no mercy, but fair treatment in case of compliance.

3:21 PM  

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