Saturday, February 17, 2007

Russland läuft Amok

In der Jerusalem Post ist gestern ein ebenso abgefahrenes wie furchteinflößendes Interview mit Andrey Demidov, dem provisorischen Botschafter Russlands in Israel, erschienen. Leider nur in Auszügen online, hier sind die beeindruckendsten Stellen.

Hamas has said it will not recognize Israel.

Sure, but why do they say this? Because Israel does not recognize the Hamas government. There is a very simple thing to do - talk, talk. Even the worst enemies can sit at a table and talk about settling their disputes and disagreements. Why are they not talking?

Would Russia sit down with Chechen terrorists and talk?

First of all the Chechen problem is an internal problem of Russia. We decide how to settle the problem. Secondly, we have already almost settled the problem by peaceful means. We have created a government, parliament and judicial system that has adopted a constitution with law enforcement agencies. We talked with them, and they accepted it. But I repeat this is not a [similar] example; still Israel could learn from the Russian experience. We can see that there is no more war, no more fighting, of course there are some terrorist acts from time to time.

But will Russia talk to Chechen terrorists, which is what you are asking of Israel?

With whom [should we talk]? Give me the names. Those who insisted on staying terrorists were eliminated; some of them are hiding in so-called democratic countries like the UK. (...)

Does Russia have enough to say in the Quartet, or is it just being led by the US?

Of course Russia has a big say, and of course the Americans have certain dictatorial ambitions, that's the reality.

Dictatorial ambitions, where?

Everywhere. (...)

How about the anti-aircraft missiles sold to Iran?

Those are air defense missiles. The Israelis ask why we supply those missiles, and I ask you my question, do you want Iran to be defenseless?

Well, yes, actually.

What for, are you going to attack them?

Those missiles are giving Iran insurance to develop nuclear weapons.

Of course not. We are interested in nuclear-free Iran. (...)

Are you really afraid of an Iranian attack on Russia?

What if there is a change of regime? The Americans are trying to change the regime. What if the ayatollahs go, and there is a new Shah? The Shah was very hostile to my country. First of all, we want to have a friendly regime in Iran, and secondly we want it to be nuclear-free.

And the regime of the ayatollahs is friendly to Russia?


Noch ein Grund mehr, in Zukunft sehr unfreundlich zu Russland zu sein.


Anonymous Hamster said...

Russland hat anscheinend noch einige Zivilisationsprobleme, wie mir ein guter russischer Freund mal erklärt hat, gibt es drei wichtige Mchtgruppen in R: Die Kommunisten (Macht verlierend), die Oligarchen (von Putin in ihre Grenzen verwiesen, Chodorkowski war auch ein eher gefährlicher Mensch) und den KGB bzw. deren Nachfolgeorganisation.

Putin muss den Laden unter Kontrolle halten, der Araber-Isarel Konflikt spielt da nur eine zweite oder dritte Geige.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Bernd said...

Deutlicher geht's nimmer..

4:55 PM  

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