Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Iranian Sea Monster

The Associated Press reports:
Iran: Stealth 'Flying Boat' Successfully Tested

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran said Tuesday it had tested what it called a "super-modern flying boat" capable of evading radar. State TV showed a brief clip of the boat's launch.

"Due to its advanced design, no radar at sea or in the air can detect it. It can lift out of the water," the television said. It said the
boat was "all Iranian-made and can launch missiles with precise targeting while moving."
Spiegel Online brings you excerpts from the video. And Fox News has a still:

Picture (c) Fox News

Super-modern? Apparently what the Iranians are presenting on TV is a primitive prototype of a so-called Ekranoplan, a vehicle operating on the principle of the ground effect. The concept was originally invented in the Soviet Union. Why the Iranians amateurishly reinvented a one-seater scale-model of the Caspian Sea Monster, which had its maiden flight back in 1966, will remain the Mullah's secret. In any case, the original Russian Ekranoplan (Weight: 400 tons, Length: 74 m, Wingspan: 44 m, Payload: up to 175 tons, Maximum Speed: 550 km/h) looked a bit more menacing back in 1989 with its three pairs of Cruise Missiles on the back.

Picture (c) FAS

The Caspian Sea Monster is reportedly currently awaiting its death in a scrapyard.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A "one-seater"? Don´t ignore the guy who is sitting on the roof(on the chair).

11:59 PM  
Anonymous statler said...

Yes, well, the guy on the roof is actually the Iranian equivalent to the three pairs of cruise missiles -- the notorious Teheranian suicide jumper.

12:47 PM  

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