Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wanna be cool? Vote the Grandfathers!

From the Jerusalem Post:
Pensioners a big hit in Tel Aviv

In front of one Tel Aviv polling booth, four well-dressed trendy-looking 20-somethings tried to convince passers-by to vote for the pensioners' party. Though the activists seemed uncertain of where the party stood on issues such as defense and the economy, they said that as young, well-off Tel Aviv residents, they wanted to do something to help the "poor old people." They also acknowledge that it was a trend among youth in Tel Aviv to vote for the Gil party.

One Gil supporter, Sonya Blikin, saying she was "voting for the pensioners because they're the only party with a platform I can support. Actually, I'm not sure what the platform is," she admitted, "but I know that old people and poor people are sitting in the streets, and I feel bad and I want to do something to help them." (...)

Back at Rabin Square, a crowd of teenage girls chanted "Save our grandfathers" on Tuesday afternoon. They said they had no official affiliation with any party, but had decided to come to the square at the last moment because "the old people need all the help they can get."

We suspect that most of the youngsters quoted in this report are also supporters of Israel's Anti-Passiflora Movement. Read more about the Pensioner's Party here.


Blogger Ittay said...

8 seats for former mossad agent rafi eitan and Gil(Pensioners party). Netanyahu's economic reforms in his last term have clearly hit hard and people want their pensions to return to the pre-netanyahu days. These 8 pensioners will now decide Israel’s future borders and the size of any Palestinian state. An awesome responsibility.

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