Friday, March 03, 2006

Pacifist Moviemakers marching lock-step

In a remarkable interview with Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the director of European-funded, terror-apologetic movie "Paradise Now" says: If I had lived in the PA territories, I would have become a suicide bomber.
Abu-Assad stresses he is a pacifist who believes any killing is wrong, and that he advocates a non-violent struggle as the right method for obtaining one's goals. However, he states, while he currently has the privilege to make such a stand, in a different situation his moral position may have been different.

In other words, had you been living in the territories, you would have become a shahid (martyr)?

Abu-Assad hesitates for a second before replying, "yes." He recounts an episode in which he was humiliated by a soldier at the Kalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem, and says this was what made him realize what runs through the heads of people who later become suicide bombers.

You feel like such a coward it kills you, he describes, saying this cowardice makes people start hating life and feel impotent.

I realized, Abu-Assad explains, that when a man systematically goes through such humiliation, he chooses to kill his own impotency by carrying out an act of "let me die with the philistines."

And there are no suicide bombers who do what they do because of anti-Semitism?

That's a racist notion. No one hates Jews because they are Jews like in Europe, he replies. People have a reason for hating Israelis. You force them to live in refugee camps, and they tell you 'our home is in Ashdod'," he states.

Do you really believe they kill in order to kill Jews, He asks. They are no different than you as people. If you believe they are different, that's racism, he adds.
What a coincidence: On the very same day, the screenwriters of anti-American, anti-Semitic action flick "Valley of Wolves" called themselves "Gandhi and Buddha", explaining that their flick was in fact a deeply pacifistic anti-war movie. SoE is moved to tears.


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