Friday, February 10, 2006

He's the Inspiration

What a very rare luxury - brings you an article by my legendary favorite professor. Eise Aluf!
Rabble in the name of Islam
Even in Europe, the penny has dropped about radical Islam
Dan Schueftan

The hysterical riots by Arab and Muslim thugs around the world following the publication of cartoons portraying the prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper are only the latest symptom of a serious disease.

They reflect the cultural failure of a society that prefers to base itself on the complete failure to stand up to the challenges of modernity, and to direct its anger towards objects of its extremism and hatred – to those elements of the developed, free, Western world that have created the image of modern reality and successfully acquired for themselves quality of life, social welfare and freedom.

The appearance of violence and Arab (and Muslim) radicalism enveloping the world in recent years is related to the same cultural phenomenon: the World Trade Center terrorists, the suicide bombers in Israel, the Bali, London and Madrid terrorists, the hooligans that torched tens of thousands of cars outside Paris in November and the rioters currently burning down European embassies in Damascus and Beirut.
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