Saturday, February 04, 2006

At a Loss for Words.

More unbelievable pictures from yesterday's nauseating demonstration in London. (Thank you to Fakten & Fiktionen.) See the whole Yahoo gallery here.


Anonymous jamal said...

this was unacceptable though.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous gravelrash said...

"unacceptable"! My God Jamal, admirable bit of restraint there!!
Not only is this 'unacceptable', it also provides ample justification for those inclined to "do unto Islam as Islam would do unto you".... before they get their wish!
The "tolerance" of these Islamic protesters is in stark contrast to the restraint shown on the faces of those policemen protecting their free speech, allowing them to slander and slur their country and incite hatred and murder. Yes, murder!
The day is not far off when those same police will turn a blind eye to citizen-inspired responses to Islam.
Islams recent faux displays of outrage over real cartoons (of the mildest type) and the more exacrable, but self-manufactured offences trotted around the Ummah by several Danish Imams, has demonstrated to many who were once disposed towards tolerating Islamic grievances, how far Islam has removed itself from that consideration.
Rather than gaining ground, Islam has now shown itself to be primitive, pathological,illogical, Pavlovian and dangerous, unable to exercise any restraint, incapabe of a sense of proportion,incapable of thought, unable to exercise any judgement, and impervious to reform.
Not ideal neighbours!!
The current Islamic displays have, in my country, Australia, enabled a formerly contentious issue, the halting of our Multi-Cultural policy, to garner an overwhelming display of approval - over 93% of people polled want Islamic migration halted.
We owe those Islamic placard wavers a vote of thanks for that.
In Australia we have a breed of horrible, self-righteous, unctious creeps who wish to sanitise every area of life. They are the "B-B-Q police" , the "noise nazis", the "doggy-do informers".
WE call them NIMBY's - Not In My Back Yard. They are minor irritants, but persistent,like mosquitos!!!
"Your home may be your castle, but I am Kingof this street!"
As far as Islam is concerned, it appears we have, now, all become hybrid Nimbys.
Islam??? NOT in my country!

1:10 AM  

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