Friday, February 03, 2006

We have a Problem on our Hands

That the phony protests against the Danish cartoons are - besides being staged to pressure the EU into continuing payments of protection money to the Palestinians - first and foremost an outcome of the youth bulge problem becomes apparent from the below picture. Look at them - they are all young, unemployed men, who have nothing else to do in life but storm EU offices, burn flags or wrap donkeys in them. Can't someone give them a computer so they can take up Blogging instead?

Lebanese protesters march, with a Danish flag draped on a donkey, during a demonstration against caricatures of Prophet Mohammad published in several European newspapers, after Friday prayers in Tripoly in northern Lebanon February 3, 2006. Denmark said on Friday it could not apologise for cartoons in a Danish newspaper depicting the Prophet Mohammad as outrage spread across the Muslim world from the Middle East to countries in Asia. REUTERS/Omar Ibrahim


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