Friday, June 08, 2007

Great Minds think alike.

So I agreed with [Disengagement author] Dan Schueftan about separation. I also thought that [former prime minister Ariel] Sharon agreed as well - that his strategy was to achieve a maximum degree of separation by getting out of Gaza, building the fence, holding onto the large settlement blocs in the West Bank and letting the Palestinians stew in their own juices. In other words, disengagement was not a matter of trading land for peace. I didn’t believe then, and I don’t believe now, that it will be possible to negotiate peace with the Palestinians in the foreseeable future.

Norman Podhoretz in der Wochenendbeilage der Jerusalem Post. Ein Genuss.

Apropos Schueftan: Die Antwort (siehe unten) lautet - Ja! Jederzeit.


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