Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Straitjacket urgently needed

Apropos Hamas Charter: While preparing his usually insane rantings in response to President Bush's State of the Union Address, Iranian President Ahmadinejad seems to have read Chapter 22 of that marvelous document. Also he sounds like a fan of European public broadcasting, which regularly treats its eager viewers to Eugene Jarecki's "Why we fight."
Finally, allow me to say a word to the man who won his elections by spending billions of dollars and by a court order, thus becoming a leader of a large country. In his speech last night he accused the Iranian people of violating human rights. He accused the Iranian people of opposing freedom. These are people whose arms are submerged up to the elbows in the blood of other nations.
Wherever there is war and oppression in the world, they are involved. These people channel their factories to the production of weapons. These people generate wars in Asia and Africa, killing millions and millions of people, in order to help their production, employment, and economy.
These are people whose
biological laboratories manufacture germs, and export them to other countries in order to subjugate other peoples. These are the people who, in the last century, caused several devastating wars. In one world war alone, they killed over 60 million people.

Today too, wherever there are crimes and conspiracies, and wherever there are despotic regimes that are against their own people, you will find their footprints, their schemes, and their support.


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