Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Islamic Jihad tries to attack Europe, fails.

For the first time, Islamic Jihad has tried to attack targets in Europe from the Gaza Strip. The militant group apparently fired a Qassam missile in the direction of Cyprus hoping that Allah would miraculously expand the projectile's range from a mere 8 km to 400 km while in the air.

How else can this piece of news be explained?:
In total, IDF forces identified at least 10 Qassam launchings from Gaza toward Israeli targets – six landed in Gaza, one apparently landed in the ocean and the rest in Israeli territory.


Anonymous wf said...

Well, it´s a good thing then that the Quassam is only a small missile. At least according to German public radio. They recently said that Palestinians fired "small missiles into Israel". No reason for the Israelis to get upset. I think it was Bayern 5 news radio. I´m sure they would keep their journalistic detachment if someone occasionally lobbed 5-10 kilos of explosives in the general direction of their offices. Right...

11:56 PM  

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