Monday, February 27, 2006

A Wish granted, an important Game won

On the day before the game, Dieter Hecking, Alemannia Aachen's trainer, had expressed a wish in Aachen's local newspaper: "An early goal would be great." After 35 seconds played against LR Ahlen, the wish was granted by Sascha Rösler, who scored the 1:0. In the remaining 89 minutes, Alemannia managed to hold on the lead and eventually even scored the 2:0 five minutes before the final whistle. Since Aachen's strong chaser Karlsruhe lost its game, "our" position is currently as good as never before: six points ahead of team number four in the second league's table. Twelve more games full of hope, sweat and tears lie ahead of Alemannia - and then the longed-for promotion to first league.


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