Thursday, February 23, 2006

More basic Facts about Georgia

Georgia may rightfully boast of having one of the most advanced and innovative garbage collection systems in the world. First the trash is being collected by this marvel of modern design... a second step, the waste is immediately being recycled in the truck's driving cab, just behind the windshield. Undoubtedly a unique solution to a complex problem.

Most Taxi cabs in Georgia are equipped with a high-end ventilation system. Fresh air is being blown into the car's interior through one or more semipermeable membranes in the windshield, affording a refreshing journey.

Georgia's most important export item is the loose happy tooth. Weightlifting training under the auspices of Russian athletic coaches make these teeth the only ones all over the world that are capable of enduring the onslaught of the dreaded doping chocolate bar.

In Georgia, even E.T. would find it hard to phone home.


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