Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Election Campaigning, Palestinian Style

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports on the preparations for the upcoming PA elections...:
On Wednesday morning, some 40 masked gunmen took over the central election office in Rafah, the local branch of the Palestinian parliament, a local court and another government building. Gunmen were seen on rooftops, inside the buildings and posted at the main doors. Most workers fled the buildings.

A truckload of gunmen then drove to the nearby Rafah border crossing, Gaza's main gate to the world. Firing in the air, they closed the entrance gate to the crossing compound and told waiting passengers to leave the area. They also set up an impromptu checkpoint at the access road to the crossing, turning away all travelers after initially letting some pass.
But rest assured: If the elections won't take place, it will all be Israel's fault.

"A Palestinian militant sitting astride a homemade missile at the Gaza-Egypt border crossing Wednesday." (Reuters)


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