Monday, January 02, 2006

Oldie but Goldie.

Here are some interesting quotes from a brochure the Syrian representatives kindly handed out at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2004:
„…as far as the Arabs are concerned there is no right and left [in Israel]. In Israel the one who kills a thousand Arabs is left and the one who kills five thousand Arabs is right, and when some one comes and kills ten thousand Arabs the right becomes left and there will be new right. As far as we are concerned, all the Israelis are right. (Page 6)
We say a racist head of government, we say a racist government and we say a racist army and a racist security but when it comes to the Israeli public we keep silent, why? (…)
the Israeli public is racist, more racist than the Nazis. (Page 8)
The Israelis fear the past in its general concept, i.e. history.
They have no history. We are the ones who have history and they know this very well. They had never been in this region few thousand years ago for sure.“ (Page 10)


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