Monday, January 16, 2006

Ariel Sharon, Man of Victory

In recent publications, journalists and politicians from all over the world have voiced their concern over the future of the "Peace Process" and their bafflement over Ariel Sharon's alleged metamorphosis from a warrior to a "Man of Peace."

Just to clarify the matter: There is no Peace Process in the Middle East, but a war. And Ariel Sharon has not changed. He devoted his entire life to the survival and success of the Jewish nation. All his actions were based on what he perceived as being of benefit for Israelis and Jews. The thread in Sharon's life is that his first and foremost interest has always been the security and wellbeing of Israelis and Jews. Interestingly, almost all journalists fail to grasp that Ariel Sharon has never been a "Man of Peace" in the first place - but always a "Man of Victory."


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