Wednesday, December 14, 2005

There are no Coincidences.

Wow! My leaving the country during the time of difficult away games seems to really help Alemannia. Last time I was abroad, they beat VfL Bochum. And this time, while I was strolling through the streets of Amsterdam, they managed to become the this year's first team to take the three winning points from the stadium of SC Freiburg. After ten minutes it was already 2 - 0 for Aachen and stayed that way. "We" are now second in the overall ranking. Who would have thought that some two months ago!? Exhilarating.


Anonymous Erik Schmidt said...

Looks like you have to emigrate in order to bring Alemannia Aachen into the first division. ;-)

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Jobe said...

And after today's results, if they win on Sunday, they'll be "Herbstmeister". Now, last time they managed to get that title, they didn't get promoted after the rest of the season. So, maybe you should go watch the game - and see them lose. That way they may be in better shape in May... ;-)

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Erik Schmidt said...

Herbstmeister! :-)

12:12 PM  

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