Thursday, December 08, 2005

Balph Eubank in Action.

Harold Pinter is Balph Eubank. Here's what Ayn Rand has Mr. Eubank say in her novel Atlas Shrugged:
"Plot is a primitive vulgarity in literature," said Balph Eubank contemptuously.
Dr. Pritchett, on his way across the room to the bar, stopped to say, "Quite so. Just as logic is a primitive vulgarity in philosophy."
"Just as melody is a primitive vulgarity in music," said Mort Liddy.
"What's all this noise?", asked Lilian Rearden (...).
"Lilian, my angel," Balph Eubank drawled, "did I tell you that I am dedicating my new novel to you?" (...)
"What is the name of your new novel?" asked the wealthy woman.
"The Heart Is a Milkman."
"What is it about?"
It was only logical, extremely predictable and therefore boring that the author of The Room, The Birthday Party and The Dumb Waiter would use his Nobel lecture for insane anti-American rantings.


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