Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Israel Day - save the Date.

Oren of "I like Israel" asked me to publish the below appeal on my website - which I am wholeheartedly doing.

Come May. It’s Time for Israel Day.

ILI – the I LIKE ISRAEL International Movement – is a Think Tank that was founded in Germany, four years ago. ILI coordinates, qualifies and mobilizes pro-Israel organizations in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

ILI´s cardinal project is the “Israel Day”: a public celebration of Yom Ha´azmaut. In May 2005 the “Israel Day” was launched in 30 cities worldwide, with more than 50.000 participants.

The Israel Day was created with one primary goal in mind. To give opinion leaders, politicians, medias and societies a mighty and clear message: There is huge solidarity for Israel all over. Millions of people love Israel. What people? Those who are neither manipulated by the media nor intimidated by terrorist threats.

For 2006 we are determined to double the number of cities hosting the Israel Day to 60. Our goal for 2010: 200 cities.

Iran´s president Ahmadinejad´s words once again prove the importance of bringing Jewish and non Jewish, political and social groups together in the case for Israel.

Send an email to oren@il-israel.com and find out how ILI will support you in launching Israel Day in your city, wherever you are.

We will keep you updated on ILI.


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