Saturday, October 22, 2005

Shocker of the Day

I cannot believe they did it. I was hit totally unprepared by a distressing revelation at the "Penny Markt" today: After 32 years, Kinder Schokolade has changed the face on its box! Only a few weeks ago, it was finally revealed to whom the legendary face belongs. And now - this! I'm posting a picture below as evidence that I'm not making this horrible story up.

Update on Sunday, 10-23-2005: Our reader Peter suspects the new portrait is actually a childhood picture of Willi Landgraf, a soccer player who is world-famous in Aachen. Judge for yourselves:


Blogger Peter said...

my english is not so good as my brother's, but I also find that the new kinderschokolade face is horrible. The new design of the package will not prevent me from consuming great quantities of those legendary chocolate....

7:01 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Sorry, but I think this is a childhood picture of Willi L.! The new package design was released on the occasion of his 500. football match in the second german bundesliga! Is this true?

7:05 PM  

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