Monday, October 31, 2005

Deafening Silence

Iran's President Ahmadinejad did not only threaten Israel in his rant on the occasion of the "World without Zionism" conference last week: According to MEMRI's translation of the speech, he spoke about a "historical war between the World of Arrogance [i.e. the West] and the Islamic world" which had been "going on for hundreds of years." Ahmadinejad also threatened to punish all those Arab nations who recognize Israel: "If someone is under the pressure of hegemonic power [i.e. the West] and understands that something is wrong, or he is naive, or he is an egotist and his hedonism leads him to recognize the Zionist regime - he should know that he will burn in the fire of the Islamic Ummah... Oh dear people, look at this global arena. By whom are we confronted? We must understand the depth of the disgrace imposed on us by the enemy, until our holy hatred expands continuously and strikes like a wave."

This is nothing short of a declaration of war against the West and those Islamic nations who wish to come to civilized terms with Israel. But as German journalist Ulrich Sahm, who lives in Jerusalem, points out, German media decided not to cover that part of the speech. Another telling example of Western media's voluntary self-castration. Also see the post at Politically Incorrect, please.


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