Thursday, August 24, 2006

New immigrants for Norway

Open letter to Mr. Jostein Gaarder, written by a friend of mine. Thank you, buddy!


Dear Mr. Gaarder,

in an article in Aftenposten on August 5th you proposed the expulsion of the Jewish Nation from their homeland, i.e. from kindergardens, schools, universities, enterprises, offices, fields, hospitals.

Well, once 5 million Jews will have been uprooted, where shall they go to?

Norway is a rich country, and with 4.6 million inhabitants on 323,759 square kilometers there is plenty of room for 5 million immigrants. The Jews will easily agree, because their new Swedish neighbours are not inclined to fire Qassam, Katyusha, Scud, Fajr, Zezal or any other rockets into their houses on a daily basis. So, they can build their settlements without shelters and work and sleep in peace.

Unfortunately, the new Norwegian citizens will have to face your anti-Jewish hatred. But since you have declared that murder is not part of your plan, this sort of hostility is easier to cope with than that of the Palestinians who send out their teenagers with explosive belts.

Mr. Gaarder, we accept your proposal. Please let us know when the first million can arrive.


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